AAMET International Certified Master of Applied EFT




I am Ann Adams. You may know me from one of the many EFT training classes I have delivered in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.  Over the last 17 years I’ve trained hundreds of practitioners on the practical application of EFT.

Or the blogs I’ve sent out and on my web site FromtheDeskofAnnAdams.com. My goal has always been to share useful practical information to help you increase your skills in working with others to an even higher level.

Or you may know me as the person who created the comprehensive training program EFT4PowerPoint which has been utilized by EFT trainers literally all over the world.

I’ve spoken at numerous conferences, co-authored three EFT books for Level 1-3 practitioners, and worked closely with Gary Craig to create the original EFT training guidelines. Gary chose me as the Director of his original EFT Master program in 2005.  And, I hosted the EFT Master showcases.

In summary…  I’ve been around EFT, a lot!

By background I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and been involved in the mental health field for over 40 years now – as a therapist, trainer, supervisor and administrator.

What I’m most excited about right now…

Of all the projects, products and training programs I’ve been a part of, I am most excited about the new program that AAMET and I have joined together to bring to YOU and the EFT world.

I have teamed up with AAMET and a Team of EFT Founding Masters because:

AAMET has worked for many years towards the goal of clarifying professional robust training requirements for EFT.

AAMET brings to this program the backing of an established and respected international organization.

Why that’s very important to me…

 Ever since the ending of Gary Craig’s EFT Master program, people have been constantly asking me about doing another EFT Master program. I was understandably reluctant knowing how huge an undertaking it would be!

I’ve have watched the AAMET grow and mature into a respected international organization and the EFT world grow and expand. There has been a ton of research and advances in the knowledge of the brain and the impact of trauma.

And, as I was asked again to consider a masters program I gave great thought to what would really be necessary in today’s world to ensure that another certification was truly meaningful.

The increasing research has certainly helped the professional world see and accept EFT as a legitimate modality.  There is, however, still a significant gap in one area.

One thing that EFT doesn’t have, yet…

All recognized professions have a set of thorough and published standards and competencies.

I find myself in a unique position within the field of not only having the experience, but also the enthusiasm to contribute this vital and, until now missing, core ingredient to this professional EFT certification.

This is the one area that actually gets me excited. The opportunity to create a new Master’s program that will truly reflect mastery of not only EFT skills but all the skills necessary for a professional practitioner in the psychotherapeutic field.

That is, creating professionally vetted standards and competencies that reflect all the skills necessary for the safe and effective application of EFT.

Creating standards of the depth and quality that are recognized by other professional groups.  Standards that will fill a key gap toward acceptance by the professional helping community and help in our journey to evolve EFT into the acceptance it deserves.

Which leads me into Our Mission